Inspired Action Conversation Questionnaire

Please complete the following questionnaire to help Linda prepare for your one on one call with her.

Answer each question as completely and honestly. Once you have submitted the questionnaire, please visit our online scheduling to set up your 20-30 minute one on one phone call with Linda.

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Please list your full name, primary email address, phone number and any websites or blogs you have.
Which category of co-author would you place yourself in:

1:A conscious entrepreneur interested in publishing a book to launch my business to the next level.

2: A non-business owner who is passionate about writing and wants to fulfill her dream of becoming a published author.
If you could choose three titles for YOUR chapter - What would they be? (This is just to learn more about you and does not necessarily mean that if chosen, we would use this as your chapter title)
What inspired you to respond to the 'I want to publish your story!' email that you received? (ex. you saw the strategic business valud of having a book; you felt an inner calling to follow a dream)
Do you have a business of your own? If yes, what is the driving passion and vision behind your business?
Describe in 75 words or less what unique gifts, lessons and insights you can share with our readers.
What would it mean to you, both personally and professionally to be part of a best selling anthology?
What is the most inspired action you've taken to date to create the business and life of your dreams?
Share 3 questions about the bookor the publishing process that you would like to cover in our consultation call.
Share any other thoughts or information that you would like me to know in preparation for our call.
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